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Our Service

It's more than a widget. With more data comes more possibilities.

  • The Widget

    Recommend widgets and in-site search engines. High potential, yet hardly used. We have come to change that.

  • The Data

    Direct inputs, and clicks, connecting the dots. A whole new realm of untapped data.

  • ISE Analytics

    With the accumulation of newfound data, you will need a full analytics dashboard to give you the insight that you have been missing.

  • Ads & Monetization

    Data leads to improvement. Correct use of marketing dollars, and targeted tie-in ads for monetization. Let us be your guide.

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Seeing is believing

Real Data, Real Results

Our numbers will speak louder than our words.

  • *150

    Search Queries

    Search engines though always found on a site, are rarely used. A terrible things to waste.

  • *7

    Session Duration

    When a reader stays on your site, that means that you have been able to engage them.

  • *10

    Click Through Rate

    We know you take this number very seriously. Let us show you numbers you have never seen.

  • *5

    Page Views

    Longer session times, and more clicks mean more pages viewed. Everyone wins.

Our Team.

We understand your requirement
and provide quality works.
  • Kazuo Ikeda

    Kazuo Ikeda

    Founder & CEO

  • Masahiro Takahashi

    Masahiro Takahashi

    Co-Founder & CFO & COO

  • Jindo Otsuka

    Jindo Otsuka

    Co-Founder & CMO & CPO

  • Ryo Sakuma

    Ryo Sakuma


Our Passion

As children, our future looked bright. We saw a place of futuristic advances where we were “happy,without a care in the world”.

Now, we are in that future.

It is a “Now” full of conveniences and joy.

It is our desire, to add more to this “Now” in order to have a more wonderful “Future”.

If we don’t create it, the “Future” will always remain in the future. First, we must attain the next steps of our future, today.

If we keep striving to make tomorrow a reality of today, we will bring our “Future” to us.

This is the passion that drives Qufooit.


We have a proven track record of participation in international summits.

  • WebSummit Logo

    Web Summit 2019

    The only Japanese company accepted to Web Summit 2019 as an Alpha Startup.
    Registered under the name Karakuri

  • COLLISION 2021

    We exhibited at COLLISION 2021, the world's largest tech conference, which is also known as the Olympics of technology.


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    International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2BN

  • Japan Office

    10-12 Yotsuya Sakamachi, Garden Tower 37 3F, Tokyo

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